Tensor select Olympic Games CCTV security provider

Tensor is a long running specialist supplier and installer of Panasonic surveillance solutions with expert experience and knowledge in; smartcard and biometrics, time and attendance, access control, visitor monitoring, gates, barriers and turnstiles, digital CCTV, fire roll call and HR personnel software. Established in 1991 Tensor has received a number of accreditations across specialist sectors including the AeroSpace Defence industry, Secured by Design accreditation, British Security Industry Association and Safe Contractor approval and has delivered a multitude of projects.

One of Tensor’s most recent projects required close collaboration with J2K Video Ltd to provide a fully integrated security solution for Continental Clothing to feature two of the most revolutionary pieces of equipment in the security sector; Panasonic’s WV-SW395 and WV-NW502.

Continental Clothing is a designer and manufacturer which began in 1994. As the originator of the baby doll t-shirt style in Europe the company continues to lead the way in terms of new ideas and designs. The focus of Continental Clothing is on the creation of high quality, expertly styled garments with a vision which surpasses other similar operations; Continental Clothing strives for low carbon clothing built upon the principles of sustainable production and socially positive supply chain management.  Continental has a strict code of conduct based on both the conventions of the International Labour Organisation and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and work with the Environmental Justice Foundation in support of the Clean Cotton Campaign.

With highly desirable fashion garments in significant volumes on site, the security solution for Continental Clothing delivered by J2K and Tensor was designed to secure the premises of the warehouse and distribution centre in Bedford.  Continental needed a reliable and effective warning system in place that would detect break-ins through side walls of the building.  This was with the aim to meet key insurance requirements and maintain a sustainable business operation that would be protected against possible threats.

In order to successfully secure the premises a system was designed that combined the WVR-64NI-16000 SharpView Network Video Recorder (NVR) with Genesis’ Luminite PIR Detectors and the SharpView Manager Professional software.  Another key component to the system were WV-S395 Super Dynamic, weather resistant HD network dome cameras that were selected to provide pan-tilt-zoom control and auto-tracking of 720p high-definition (HD) images plus WV-NW502 fixed HD super dynamic dome cameras from Panasonic. Although the use of vibration sensors was identified as one of the first options to evaluate, several hundred sensors would have been required and the cost would have exceeded the available budget of Continental Clothing. Tensor therefore developed a system which was equally secure and was available at a lower cost.

“Not all businesses have a lot of money to spend on a security and it is essential to develop a solution which is within the constraints of the budget. The flexibility of the Panasonic equipment was integral in achieving this as it offered extensive possibilities in how to deliver the desired security solution.” Jay of J2K

The NVR has been developed for Megapixel and HD video requirements and is accompanied by the VMS software ‘SharpView Manager Professional’ allows security professionals to manage their security system on Apple Mac OS X and Windows PCs at the same time. Several Luminite PIR detectors use wireless sensors to detect body warmth from possible intruders and send a signal to a central receiver that is connected to the SharpView NVR. Tensor has programmed the SharpView NVR to send the WV-S395 and WV-NW502 to preset positions relating to the location from where a PIR signal was received.

The WV-SW395 is an all-in-one, fully functional outdoor network dome which takes HD IP video surveillance to a new level. Fitted with a newly developed 1.3 Megapixel MOS sensor, the WV-SW395 delivers high quality images in HD 720p and up to 30ips. Multiple H.264 and VGA streams ensure real-time recording and monitoring capability. The dome is fully functional with 360 degree panning and has 18x optical zoom, with further 12x digital zoom which can increase to 36x optical zoom in VGA mode. 24/7 monitoring is further ensured by a host of features including Super Dynamic technology which ensures clear images and face detection which sends data to the WVR-64NI-16000 SharpView Network Video Recorder to enable its face matching functionality.

The WV-NW502 H.264 Vandal Resistant Network Dome Camera features Super Dynamic technology, up to 3 Megapixel JPEG stream, Multiple H.264 streams and JPEG streams. It is the perfect solution for an IP/analogue hybrid system such as the Continental Clothing’s system. In addition, the WV-NW502 comes with superior colour reproduction and the ability to alter the JPEG image compression ratio when an alarm is triggered so that higher quality images can be provided.

Both of these cameras function seamlessly in conjunction with the SharpView NVR, Luminite PIR detectors and SharpView Manager Professional, making this system exemplary of Panasonic surveillance cross compatibility with existing and other manufacturers’ solutions.

“Despite the complexity of the solution, with regards to the variety of the equipment involved, the installation was installed, tested and delivered to the satisfaction of our client.  The different elements functioned seamlessly and the business met its objectives.” explained Matt Hopwood of Tensor

To date the system has provided a number of early warnings of potential intrusions along all sides of the building and has helped the Continental Clothing team confidently secure entrances and goods shutters. Luminite PIR detectors by Genesis alert the SharpView Network Video Recorder which tells the WV-SW395 or WV-NW502S to cover the area of intrusion. The video is streamed directly to the Security Manager’s PC which is running SharpView Manager Professional. This enables staff to take control of the cameras and monitor possible threats with greater detail. It is also possible to review alarm triggers and the causes of the alerts with more speed.

“Tensor, Panasonic and J2K have delivered a solution within budget and on time which today flawlessly executes everything we required.  We are delighted to have a fully secure premise, which meets the requirements of our insurer and allows our business to flourish.” said Ian Cundy of Panasonic



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