Teneo and Duo Security offer cloud-based authentication

Teneo and Duo Security offer cloud-based authentication

Businesses can now instantly deploy ‘one tap’ authentication via smartphones rather than using separate ID key fobs

Large and small businesses can do away with burdensome security tokens and access their office networks more quickly and securely through their smartphone, using a new managed service based on Duo Security’s cloud-based authentication platform. The breakthrough comes from Teneo, a specialist integrator of Next-Generation Technology, which has teamed up with leading trusted access provider Duo Security to offer customers this easy-to-use authentication service via their mobile phones.

With the simple click of a button, employees can ensure they are who they say they are in order to access business applications and networks. By removing the burden of clunky, token-based two-factor authentication, Teneo and Duo’s partnership ensures that employees will readily adopt and use this simple and highly effective security measure.

Using Duo Security, the employee makes a single tap on a smartphone screen button: green – ‘approve’ or red – ‘deny’ as their second stage of authentication after inputting their usual network password. Staff no longer have to fumble with ‘key fob’ tokens or manually input codes and the streamlined access reduces the incidence of user input error and passcode reset requests. The simpler access means that company help desks and IT teams’ time is freed for managing more valuable tasks for their organisation.

Teneo will provide the Duo cloud solution to customer organisations worldwide as a quick-to-implement managed service, with employees simply downloading the Duo Security mobile app to their company smartphone, device or smart watch during service deployment to get going.

Should employees receive a fraudulent authentication prompt through Duo’s service, they can report this suspicious activity immediately to their IT teams by clicking a single button. This instant alert system also enables staff to become their organisation’s first line of data security defence and improves overall security hygiene. This vital new capability is in direct contrast to employees having been portrayed so often in the past as the ‘weakest link’ in corporate information security protocols and policy.

Duo Security’s two-factor authentication solution works across a wide variety of PCs, Macs, laptops and mobile devices as well as Apple iOS, Google Android and Blackberry operating systems, providing a robust yet much more flexible two-factor network authentication system.

Henry Seddon, Vice President of EMEA at Duo Security said:

“Duo is an easy step to securing corporate access across all users, in any environment. Easy and effective solutions are key to ensuring trusted access across an entire organisation.”

Marc Sollars, CTO of Teneo, comments:

“Duo Security ties in with Teneo’s ethos of bringing to market smarter software offerings that make business-critical tasks like security simpler and intuitive for IT teams and employees alike. Even now, many data security set-ups are difficult and represent a kind of rules-based drag on workplace productivity.”

“Duo Security gives forward-thinking customers a simple way to make network access much easier and beef up their overall network security. This ‘one tap’ authentication will become crucial as today’s businesses become ever-more dependent on mobile devices and applications to compete.”

With premium private hosting available, Duo’s servers are hosted across independent PCI DSS and ISO 27001-certified and SSAE 16 audited service providers with strong physical security.

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