Teleste’s smart video security solutions create safer cities

Teleste Securing Smart Cities

Teleste's smart video security solutions create safer cities

Over 50 percent of the world’s population lives in cities and other urban areas. As the world continues to urbanize, it is projected that almost 70% of the world’s population will be urban by 2050. The trend sets a challenge for urban develop-ment and city authorities: How to create safe and comfortable living environments for billions of urban dwellers and their families?

Urban security takes many forms, from protecting the population and assets to, for example, ensuring fast emergency response times and a seamless flow of traffic. Typically, the responsibility for the various safe city objectives is shared between multiple public-sector organizations and other agencies. In such a complex operational environment, addressing the safety targets requires an efficient infrastructure that links different operators together, collects information from vari-ous sources and makes it possible to turn information into actionable intelligence.

On an evolution path to smart city security
When concerning physical security, safe city objectives are often addressed by video surveillance. Video surveillance cameras are stationed in places such as streets, parks and other public areas, and the camera footage is monitored at CCTV centres and stored for further inspection. In this type of traditional video management system (VMS), the operation-al emphasis has been put on the human monitoring of real-time situations and collecting evidential information. The question is; Do these operations alone meet the demands of urban security today and will they in the future?

One way to reach beyond the traditional scope of physical security is to add intelligence into the VMS. New, advanced applications enable the fast mining of surveillance footage for information while the automatic analysis of data – and technologies such as facial recognition – make it possible to efficiently use video for recognizing behaviour and detecting and tracking persons, objects, events of interest and even trends. In other words, adding intelligence to the traditional sys-tem can turn mere video management into a comprehensive security system that works as a safe city hub for the benefit of all the different stakeholders.

To provide public authorities with an evolution path to a smart city security, Teleste has developed a video management solution that seamlessly connects different security sub-systems and applications, including situation and event man-agement, Video Content Analytics and legacy systems to name but a few. The solution offers a reliable overlook on situa-tions and enables situation management under a single umbrella. Reinforced by advanced wireless data transmission technogies, the solution is also able to transfer information to different users and sub-systems quickly and efficiently, making it possible to react in real time when action takes place.

Contributing to the safety of the City of Logan in Australia
In the City of Logan, Australia, the City Council has set the priority to make the city a safer place to live and raise a family by improving residents' safety and reducing crime. To achieve the target the city invested in a safety camera monitoring room that is furnished by Teleste’s state-of-the-art video security technology.

In an article in the Brisbane Times, Logan City Council says that their security officers have access to over 300 cameras across the city, stationed in malls, train stations, bus stops, parks and other thoroughfares. Logan City Council is also trial-ing facial recognition in order to fully utilize possibilities in collecting situational and evidential data. In the future, utilizing mobile data transmission could also make it possible to transmit footage from city cameras directly to police iPads.

All cameras and video recordings in the Logan City security system are managed in the monitoring room through Teleste’s IP video management system, the S-VMX. The system enables footage to be beamed directly from security cameras to officers at city police stations, helping officers detect situations reliably and react quickly when necessary. During one year of operation (running up to March 2015), the system has captured about 2,700 incidents, including, for example, crimes, accidents and health issues.

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