TeleEye launches GX Series HD video recording server

TeleEye GX Series Video Recording Server
TeleEye GX Series Video Recording Server

TeleEye GX Series Video Recording Server

Real Time HD Video Recording at Your Fingertips

TeleEye is pleased to announce the launch of the latest GX Series Standalone Real Time HD Video Recording Server. TeleEye GX Series is a range of 4-, 9-, 16-channel video recording servers. GX is specially designed for recording videos of MX Series HD Video Cameras. Thanks for the CAMLOCK* technology that eliminates the need of IP configuration before camera connection. All GX models support real-time HD recording up to the maximum frame rate of 400fps at 720p (1280×720) resolution.

Plug and Play Design
The CAMLOCK* Technology simplifies the camera installation process. The system is ready to display and record video with auto cameras selection and configuration for all the 16 individual ports. The Plug and Play design creates trouble-free IP setup.

Secure Network Architecture
As the CAMLOCK* Technology separates the video network from the data network, unauthorized access of all installed cameras can be avoided. The video recording performance would not be interfered with the data traffic in the users’ existing network, or vice versa.

Complete End-to-end HD Video Surveillance Solution
In contrasting with many other IP video surveillance manufacturers who offer either cameras or NVRs, TeleEye provides a complete HD surveillance solution, including HD cameras, HD video recorders and video management applications. The TeleEye HD solution guarantees optimized performance, seamless compatibility and single contact point when technical support is required.

* Patent-pending

Professional Event Management – BS 8418 Compliance
TeleEye GX is designed to fully comply with the British Standard BS 8418:2003, providing robust and professional remote monitoring and visual alarm verification to RVRCs. In addition, comprehensive alarm management functions are embedded to allow your integration of TeleEye GX with external alarm systems.

First Multi-stream Coder for HD Video
TeleEye GX incorporates the proprietary multi-stream compression technology HD SMAC-M, which is the world’s first multi-stream coder for high definition video. It generates 4 independent video streams. Its multiple streaming functions allow own throughput choices and allocates the best resources for video recording and viewing via LAN, broadband or mobile networks.

HD Surveillance on Mobile Devices
TeleEye GX keeps your eyes on while you are on the move. The HD SMAC-M video coder of GX provides independent stream for remote viewing using mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android smartphones, Android tablets, and other smartphones supporting J2ME.

About TeleEye Group
With over 15 years of research and design experience in signal processing, TeleEye Group is engaged in the development, sales and marketing of a full range of hi-tech CCTV and digital surveillance equipment. The Group is listed in Hong Kong (SEHK:8051) and has rapidly grown to become a dynamic world-class supplier of remote visual CCTV systems with extensive application in various industries. The Group’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We are committed to continuous improvement on product quality and standard. The Group has offices in China, Singapore, United Kingdom, Croatia, Mauritius, the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Macau together with an extensive distribution network in over 20 countries worldwide.

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