Tecton still securing London Underground in its 150th anniversary

This week  is the 150th anniversary of the London Underground.

For the last 20 of those 150 years Tecton products have been used on the stations. The oldest products, video multiplexers are still in use on a few sites today. They are still supported and occasionally repaired by us.

Such reliability is designed into our new products too

We have recently added firmware features to our HD recorder, the SERVALAN http://www.tecton.co.uk/pdfs/SERVALAN_1100.pdf

IP and Analog cameras, the LIBERATOR



Our products scale up to make really large systems which have no single point of failure,run cool with low power and NO BLACKMAIL FEES – REOCCURING LICENSES, SUPPORT, ETC  as you get from software companies

The Competition
Win a presentation pack including all the special stamps issued today plus a ‘History of the London Underground’. Image attached.

And we also have a few copies  to win of ‘Underground-How-the-Tube-Shaped-London’


There are 54 prizes


Answer correctly the following question

1. Which station has the most escalators?

2. What is the line with the  deepest tunnel?

3. In what country does Tecton pay tax?

4. How many HD cameras can be connected to a SERVALAN?


Competition closes 15th January. Entries to LUL150@tecton.co.uk

Good Luck and Happy New Year

The Tecton Team

Made in Britain,  Designed to last

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