Tecton releases range of high-end engineering software updates

Cropped vmmo1 brochureTecton’s software engineers have been working on a range on software updates, and as a result the company has now issued the Nucleus Control centre software. In addition, the company has complete rewritten its Virtual Matrix decoding software, focusing on speed.

Tecton has also developed a small decoder that uses only 5 watts and can be mounted on the back of a monitor.

Highlights of the new updates are detailed below.

Nucleus version

1. Megapixel cameras can now be displayed or played back in their native resolution, meaning the finest detail can now be seen and is no longer limited by the monitor.

In full screen mode the screen becomes a window on a much bigger picture, which users can explore by dragging the image with a mouse.

Screen shots taken with the Nucleus are saved as a full size images, enabling the capture of very large ‘photographs’.

2. The resolution on HD images has now been improved for play back in full screen. The image now exactly matches the monitor ‘pixels’ which results in a clearer image for HD cameras.

3. There are 30 other improvements, some of which are as a direct result of customer requests, which have been included in this release as well as bug fixes. Some improvements include time zone correction, clip list button, faster searching etc.

New virtual matrix monitor software

Version 1.0 features a complete redesign of the video processing application and the video wall version now allows up to 16 HD cameras to be displayed in real time without any jitter, or 32 SD/Analogue cameras.

Software Version 1.0 is available now to upgrade existing VIMMO, free of charge.

The upgrade to the standard Virtual Matrix Monitor Output (VIMMO) adds all the speed and smooth improvements of the video wall version but limited to screen displays of one, four and six.

New virtual matrix monitor hardware

Only 116 x 120 x 27mm (or 5 x 5 x 1 inches), the hardware fits on the back of the monitor using the VESA mounting holes. It consumes only 5 watts and can be powered by the USB connector. It will display full screen HD images (1920 x 1080) in real-time (25ips) and of course, cameras with fewer pixels, i.e. SD or analogue.

Virtual matrix control

Users can select any camera to display on any monitor (with VMMO) using all or any of the following:

1. ‘Monitor control App’ for PC’s.
2. A Tecton keyboard.
3. Via an SMS (such as the Telent MICA).
4. ‘Front end’ systems (such as Icomply).

Cameras connected to Tecton products are detected automatically and then they can be allocated to one or more monitors on the network.

Tecton website
More information on Tecton native resolution viewing 
Tecton brochure

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