Tecton and AMG Systems team up for Rail CCTV Conference


Companies offer live demonstration of cutting edge technology solutions in London, November 28th-29th, 2012

AMG-Panogenics, the British manufacturer of sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras, and technology partner Tecton, the UK based designer, developer and manufacturers of Closed Circuit Video Equipment (CCTV) for commercial, security, government and broadcast applications, will be showcasing their integrated solutions at the Rail CCTV Conference which takes place at The London Marriott Hotel, Kensington, London, UK, November 28th-29th, 2012.  Earlier in the year, Tecton integrated PanoCam360 into all their Video Management Systems complementing the company’s unique range of British made products, fully capable of making the most of HD video.

Sara Bullock, International Sales and Marketing Director of AMG Systems says, “Tecton has a really interesting client base in the UK in particular and a well-deserved reputation for delivering sophisticated CCTV solutions in very demanding environments. One of Tecton’s key industry sectors are railways where they have delivered multiple CCTV solutions. Their reference clients include, Network Rail and London Underground (Tubelines and Metronet) so this is a good opportunity to showcase our integrated solution with the 360 degree fisheye camera. We will also be demonstrating our new Track ‘n Trace facility for the first time in the UK. This new feature was launched in September and has already attracted much interest. The camera provides up to 14 live panoramic and ePTZ streams whilst simultaneously allowing us to record the full scene, and two of these streams can now be used for detecting and tracking motion in pre-set areas. This means that the tracking camera streams can follow persons around within the 360 degree view of the camera. This has moved CCTV cameras from being merely considered as an after-the-fact forensic tool. We can work with up to 10 different views or area sectors with different ‘trigger points’, which we can pre-determine. The triggers are set by simply pointing and clicking to define the relevant area. Once the area is entered by a person – or vehicle if we’re looking at an outdoor application such as a rail depot – the camera is triggered and the tracking automatically starts.”

AMG also plans on ‘soft’ launching their brand new Multi-Service Ethernet Switch Series – AMG9000A at the conference. The series bridges IP and analogue technology. The new Ethernet Switch series – which will be formally launched in January 2013  – not only supports Layer 2 Managed Ethernet functionality, it also supports integration of low-speed Input/Output, allowing for Serial Ports, Alarm Contacts, Audio Devices and Analogue Video directly connected to the switch without requirement for any additional third party hardware.

Rail CCTV 2012 is hosted by transport and communications consultancy group BWCS. Now in its Third Year the conference provides a rare opportunity for those involved in the Rail sector to get together and compare problems, solutions, standards and progress and above all to assess the future. The Conference is the only event to focus directly on the issues facing transport groups and rail authorities as they struggle to make trains and stations more secure and develop new cost-saving systems to capitalise on the emerging generation of IP cameras. The key transport groups, rail administrators, politicians and industry experts will gather together from across Europe and the rest of the world to discuss the developments in this crucial sector. For more information – or to register – for Rail CCTV Conference 2012 visit http://www.railcctv2012.com/




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