Technology improvement and integration key to improving city safety

The integration of technology is a key factor in improving the security of cities in the face of a continued threat from terrorism and natural disasters, according to a new report.

The 2012 Global Safe Cities Market Assessment from business consultants Frost & Sullivan claims city officials are looking to enhance their security without straining budgets through the use of technology.

According to the report, an incorporation of Long Term Evolution (LTE), biometrics and cyber security technology will have a big impact on urban security as the market environment changes towards a wireless set-up.

LTE is predicted to influence devices such as CCTV cameras as no wiring is needed for installation, which can reduce costs and allow cameras to be placed in areas previously inaccessible.

Improvements in technology means police can gain an improved overall picture of security breaches, accidents and disturbances and therefore make the correct response as they modify the technology available to suit their precise security needs.

Krzysztof Rutkowski, Aerospace and Defence Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, claims “constant innovation and development” is required to increase security effectiveness within cities as planners look towards a more preventative than reactive approach.

The report identified trends such as Physical Security Information Management – installing any device on a single, shared platform – as capable of offering a more economical solution to city planners as technology moves forward.

“To increase security and decrease cost, technology must be improved and modified,” said Rutkowski.

“The most important driver for Safe Cities is better resource utilisation through the deployment/integration of technology.

“In order to fully address end-user needs, four areas of the value chain need to be targeted: technology providers and installers, technology integrators, system integrators, and solution providers.”

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