TDSi unveils new version of its TIMEgarde Time and Attendance Solution



Updated software offers greater flexibility of time scheduling, recording and reporting

TDSi, a global leader in access control systems for all sizes of businesses and organisations announces the launch of the latest version of its TIMEgarde Time and Attendance software solution.  TIMEgarde version 4 offers a number of key improvements including support for lunch breaks, rolling shifts, real-time reporting, faster installation and support for Windows 7 64-bit version.

TIMEgarde is web-based and provides Time and Attendance logging against user-defined working patterns by using identification through automated access control systems. TDSi Managing Director, John Davies, commented, “Featuring a powerful reporting tool, TIMEgarde gives you precisely the information that you need in an easy to understand format allowing you to maximise employee efficiency. The new version has been released to make it even easier to cater for the variations in working hours that are inevitable with modern work shifts and practices.”

The new version of TIMEgarde allows organisations to specify fixed lunch break periods and durations (which can then be deducted from the total work hours) but there is also the flexibility to override this if required. There is also support for rolling shifts that allows for working patterns that cross midnight for example and are therefore technically over two days/dates. To make running reports easier and faster TIMEgarde now calculates the hours as they are accrued and efficiently runs in the background so as not to monopolise the HR database all in one go as the report is run. This could be scheduled to run overnight for example, when system resources requirements are far more relaxed.

As well as being easier to use, TIMEgarde is now easier to install. To be installed in conjunction with SQL Sever for example used to require the installation of the SQL software before TIMEgarde. The new version includes an updated installer that checks for any pre-requisites and installs them along with any IIS configuration. TDSi has also recognised the continued migration of companies to Windows 7 64-bit and TIMEgarde is now also able to accommodate this as well as the 32-bit version.

Flexibility is the key to Time and Attendance and the ability to create multiple working times and assign any one of these to an individual ensures that TIMEgarde meets the needs of the particular business. Controlling absenteeism such as sickness, holidays and off-site working is paramount to managing resources effectively. TIMEgarde allows staff to enter absences remotely for later approval by departmental managers or HR staff. This fundamental HR functionality is ideally suited to smaller businesses. As well as working with more traditional card or token based access control readers, TIMEgarde can be used in conjunction with TDSi’s DIGIgarde Plus fingerprint readers. It offers an intuitive Time and Attendance package incorporating the latest in biometric identification technology, practically eliminating the risk of fraudulent clocking in and out of personnel.


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