TDSi honours longest serving members

IanHoare & GeoffBoulton
IanHoare & GeoffBoulton

IanHoare & GeoffBoulton

Team members reflect on 60 combined years with the Access Control specialist

As TDSi, a global leader in access control systems for all sizes of businesses and organisations, approaches its 30th Anniversary the company is honouring its longest serving members of staff – Product Support Engineer Geoff Boulton and Software Analyst and Developer Ian Hoare. Both team members have seen TDSi grow and evolve during their time – Geoff joined International Time Recorders (ITR), the forerunner to TDSi in 1979, whilst Ian became the first new employee with the recently formed TDSi, in 1983.

During their long-spanning careers at TDSi, both Geoff and Ian have seen huge changes – not only in the company but also in the technology and business sector as a whole. Geoff comments, “Things have changed radically since I joined the company – originally we concentrated wholly on Time and Attendance systems but it had become a crowded sector, so our focus was moved to the up and coming sector of access control. Innovation has always been at the heart of what we do, TDSi championed the infra-red access card for instance, so in that sense the company today still maintains this avant-garde approach to product development.”

Both Geoff and Ian have seen their own careers grow and flourish along with TDSi, as Ian elaborates, “I started initially on the production line building Time Recording systems but soon moved into a testing/repairing role. This took me on a path towards technical support and ultimately onto developing software which very rapidly became the core of TDSi’s systems. From the now seemingly simplistic punch-card Time and Attendance systems that were still very much in use when I started, we now have highly complex, multi-functional IP-based systems that have moved away from pure hardware and are, technologically speaking, hugely different.”

Whilst reflecting on their considerable service with the company, both Geoff and Ian have an eye firmly on the company’s future and indeed on the future of the access control industry as a whole. Ian comments, “All indications are that IP systems are here to stay and will continue to revolutionise the way access control systems are installed and operate. When we first developed specialist software it fitted on a floppy disk! It does mean though, that modern and future systems will continue to be more intelligent, easier to use and better at providing the security that clients need.”

TDSi’s markets have continued to evolve too, as Geoff concludes, “As well as the UK, we are very well established in Europe and China, with the Middle East becoming an increasingly important market for us. Having a broad range of clients in different regions has definitely helped TDSi continue to be a solid and well balanced company and I look forward to seeing the company continue to grow and thrive.”

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