Access control manufacturer TDSi announces sales ahead of target


John Davies

TDSi, a global leader in access control systems for all sizes of businesses and organisations, announces excellent results for the first half of the financial year 2012/2013 with a strong 9.7% lead on projected sales figures.

Managing Director of TDSi, John Davies, comments, “Our performance as a business in the first half of 2012/13 bares testament to the hard work we’ve all contributed in making TDSi stronger – building up our product portfolio, increasing marketing activities and developing new sales channels. We’ve reached the half year at 9.7% above target. This performance was delivered in the face of some unexpected challenges such as ‘Norbain’s pre-pack’.”

Davies adds, “Our success reflects the cumulative efforts that everyone in the TDSi team has made over the last two years, by constantly improving every aspect of the business – strengthening our product portfolio and building stronger relationships with our channel partners.  We couldn’t attain such promising growth without our channel partners and we thank them for their continued support.”

TDSi’s aim is to build upon the positive figures to deliver a great financial year end, as John Davies concluded, “We are determined to continue in the same vein for the second half of the year.  We are continuing to see increased volume from our access control portfolio both at home in the UK and overseas. Our VUgarde2 VMS platform is beginning to attract firm orders and many projects will be invoiced in our third and fourth quarters. We’re winning business and market share and we’re committed to continuing with our channel and marketing strategies, which are instrumental to the success we’re generating.”


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