TDSi adds Anixter, Norbain, ADI, Pro-Vision, Advanced Access and Midwich to list of distribution partnerships

TDSi adds Anixter, Norbain, ADI, Pro-Vision, Advanced Access and Midwich to list of distribution partnerships

Integrated security manufacturer TDSi has expanded its distribution partnerships to reach new and growing vertical sector markets. The recent addition of Anixter grows the number of associated distribution partnerships to six, which also include Norbain, ADI, Pro-Vision, Advanced Access and Midwich.

TDSi’s Distribution Channel Manager, Andy Cross, who joined the company late last year with a remit to enhance and grow these partnerships commented:

“Although some customers may be surprised by how many different suppliers provide our products, we only sell indirectly, so TDSi completely relies upon its channel partnerships to grow our market share and drive our success. This is even more evident as physical security systems become further integrated with all other parts of the IT and business systems networks.”

Each one of TDSi distribution partners specialises in specific business systems or technology and has its own geographical outreach, across many different vertical market sectors. Cross added:

“It would be impossible for TDSi alone to reach this many different customers, let alone offer the infrastructure to supply the many types of end user that benefit from using our systems.”

This demand for fully integrated IT and business systems has seen the traditionally narrow market for physical security systems broaden to a much wider audience in recent years. It is rare for businesses to now view security systems in isolation from other technology purchases, so it is important that suppliers address these market needs.

Cross said:

“Naturally integrated security systems such as access control, CCTV and intruder alarms combine well to offer powerful and complete protection solutions. At the same time, increasingly this technology is becoming closely associated with other IT and business systems purchases. Buyers are looking to improve their ROI by ensuring all their purchases can be sourced together, with the assurance they can be fully integrated easily.”

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