Tavcom launch Resettlement division

Tavcom, a leading supplier of security systems training, has formed a new division which will focus on facilitating the transition of ex-forces personnel into the security sector.

Many of those leaving the forces have the core transferrable skills and attributes necessary for a post military career within the security sector. Acknowledging that those leaving the forces already have access to resettlement support, the Tavcom Resettlement package builds on what is already available, by tailoring and directing it to the security arena. The core of the package is the provision of Tavcom BTEC accredited training, career progression advice and the direction of applicants to sources of industry information.

Chris Pinder who joined Tavcom last October, will head up the new Tavcom Resettlement division. “There are a number of initiatives such as Engineers of Tomorrow raising the profile of security as a progressive and rewarding profession. However, there is still so much more that the security sector can do to proactively promote itself as a rewarding career choice,” said Chris. “We are therefore very excited about what we can achieve through this initiative. By focussing on ex-forces personnel, Tavcom Resettlement will be making a significant investment in directing the talent leaving HM Forces to ‘think security’.”

Paul Tennent, Tavcom MD, is equally enthusiastic. “This unique resettlement support initiative is a natural extension to our training activities. It means that we can help hone the skills of forces personnel towards a security environment, enabling them to be job ready and a valuable asset for their new employers from day one.”

The Tavcom Resettlement division will only be looking to work with those who are leaving or have recently left the forces. “It is important to emphasise that Tavcom Resettlement is a transition process not a recruitment agency. We will not be dealing with those already employed in the security sector who may simply be looking to transfer to new positions,” said Paul. However, we are keen to work with employers in the security sector by way of introducing them to a fresh pool of skilled and technically astute potential candidates.”

Chris added: “We are keen to speak to any employers who are looking to recruit for security systems and security management related positions. Employers or ex-forces personnel can find out more information and contact us via our website www.tavcom.com.”

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