Tarek Ismail, of Tyco Security Products, shares his thoughts on Intersec 2014

Tarek Ismail (Custom)

Tarek Ismail, Director of Sales, Middle East, Tyco Security Products

In the latest of a series of interviews in the run up to Intersec 2014, SecurityNewsDesk has spoken to Tarek Ismail, Director of Sales, Middle East, Tyco Security Products, to learn more about Tyco’s ongoing support of the exhibition.

How long has Tyco been participating in Intersec and how have you seen the event grow and change over the years?

Tyco Security Products has been a longtime exhibitor and supporter of the Intersec exhibition for more than 10 years. We see the event as THE major gathering of security technology companies for the MENA region and it consistently attracts a diverse and discerning crowd of attendees from the entire spectrum of the security market.  As the market has become more focused on IP and IT-based technology, Intersec has supported these advancements and continues to bring in attendees focused on leading edge, sophisticated solutions.

What unique opportunities does Intersec offer Tyco?

Customers in the Middle East are in general very willing to explore and invest in new technology and new and unique ways of doing things. As an exhibition, Intersec brings together those customers and technology innovators like Tyco Security Products and others so that we can demonstrate our latest solutions designed for this market.

Our technology offering, beginning first with our video portfolio, has evolved into a sophisticated and wide-ranging group of purpose-built solutions that reflects the diversity of what our customers require from their security technology. Because security practitioners have very specific requirements for their particular application and market, our approach is to design solutions that are purpose built for their distinctive needs rather than a one-sized-fits all approach.

This is evidenced not only by our rapidly growing line of IP cameras, which includes the powerful Illustra 625 IP HD PTZ camera and the new Illustra Flex line of affordable, high definition IP cameras, designed to offer smaller customers a range of full-featured yet entry-level cameras, but introductions in our other product lines as well.

What do you think are the top issues, challenges or talking points in the industry at the moment, and what do you think an exhibition like Intersec 2014 will contribute to these?

Our customers in the Middle East are facing a diverse set of challenges, from rising crime rates, to more commonplace concerns of theft, unauthorised access and overall safety of personnel and assets. These challenges, of course, come in tandem with seemingly unstoppable growth in construction and real state that is fuelling the continued need for solutions for today’s requirements in infrastructure and budget but also tomorrow’s possibilities in functionality and scale.

On the technology front, discussions around IP video resolution and bandwidth availability — how much is really enough — continue to be a hot topic, whereas in access control customers are continuing to stress interoperability and integration along with system scaleability and moving the intelligence to the door.

Our solutions, which help protect a diverse range of institutions in the MENA market, including sporting arenas, tourism complexes, government agencies, railways and transportation infrastructure and a variety of other entities, are designed to solve many of these debates and help the customer decide which solution is right for them.

What product that you are demonstrating in January are you the most excited about?

We’re particularly excited to be introducing, from our stand SA/305C, our new Exacq brand to the Middle East market. Exacq offers an intuitive VMS platform – exacqVision – that caters to users who rely on their VMS as an event-driven, forensic tool. The Exacq solution is the perfect complement to our American Dynamics VMS solution – VideoEdge and victor, a powerful and robust solution favoured by surveillance “power users” who have full time surveillance staff charged with actively monitoring video, using real time analytics to thwart crime, or using PTZ cameras to follow suspects through retail stores.

What are you most looking forward to at the 2014 event?

Year after year Intersec provides us a fantastic meeting place to meet with both our colleagues in the industry as well as our current and future customers in a dynamic and unique setting. This year we’re excited to show our expanded family of brands to our customers and partners through our stand – and hopefully get out to enjoy what Dubai has to offer!


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