Talk Straight delivers access to world-leading network security

Talk Straight delivers access to world-leading network security

Talk Straight delivers access to world-leading network security

According to the latest Government Information Security Breaches Survey “Protecting a business against cybercrime or data theft is the fastest growing risk facing SMEs today.” The Survey revealed security breaches could cost companies anything upwards of £75,000, a statistic that should send alarm bells ringing throughout the entire UK SME base.

Most businesses will be familiar with traditional firewalls, expensive pieces of equipment that sit on your premises. When the firewall becomes outdated, you pay for extra bolt-ons to keep your business secure. But with the upsurge in changes to the threat landscape, your business needs to move swiftly, ensuring it is able to keep pace with changing technology. On site firewalls are struggling to keep pace with the avalanche of new threats, and businesses are realising the costs associated with protecting their business the old fashioned way is becoming ineffective and costly.

Until now, SMEs have been unable to take advantage of the economies of scale that larger organisations benefit from when purchasing security hardware. But hosted security services, where firewalls, malware and spyware are designed, managed and hosted by specialists, are now able to provide affordable higher grade solutions that wouldn’t otherwise be in the financial reach of an SME.

Large upfront IT costs become an expenditure of the past and complexity, cost and IT resources associated with traditional on-site firewalls are reduced.

Hosted security services shift capital expenditure costs to operating costs and provide a security service that is completely scalable. Software upgrades can be managed automatically ensuring businesses are covered with the most up to date technology available. Managed and operated by industry professionals it is the only real solution for businesses looking to prevent attacks that would otherwise cause serious damage to their business.

Talk Straight, a company at the forefront of a revolution in cloud based communications technology has developed a unique partnership with Fortinet, leading players on the global security stage. One of only a handful of Fortinet’s Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) in the UK, Talk Straight provides high performance cyber security and expert advice to organizations throughout the country irrespective of size or sector.

The Talk Straight Managed Security Service combines firewall, intrusion prevention, antivirus, antimalware and antispam into a single system that updates every hour to protect networks against the latest threats. And because it’s all in the cloud, this means Talk Straight customers have access to one of the most advanced and cost-effective security services available today, with little to no capital outlay.

Talk Straight provides organizations struggling to manage a growing number of complex and advanced threats with expert advice and affordable, future-proof security solutions. Join them on stand N350 at the Manchester IP Expo 18th & 19th May to find out how they could help you.

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