Take the best care of your valuable CCTV footage

The Arena Maestro series RAID allow you to create and access your CCTV footage.  Fully supported by Milestone Software the Maestro series is available in 12, 16 or 24 bays.

The Maestro series is designed to be highly available and allows the storage of a huge amount of CCTV footage.  Designed to accept the latest SAS II, SATA III or SSD disk drives including the latest 4TB drives!

The Maestro series delivers flexible, reliable and scalable storage with easy management interface, which could integrate seamlessly with CCTV IP feeds meet the current and future business growth.

  • Optimised performance and cost, best fit for performance demanding applications yet cost sensitive organization.
  • Designed to support collaborative workflow, allowing multiple workstations to work simultaneously. Improve production efficiency and save cost.
  • Based on latest technology, can be integrated into standard iSCSI (10GbE) / Fibre (8Gb/s) infrastructures with the modular and eco-friendly architecture.
  • Embedded “Copy on Write” Snapshot
  • Array based Remote Replication
  • Available with single or dual controllers for data protection and redundancy
  • Scales to support 240 drives using JBOD expansion.
  • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty

For more information or details on the Arena Maestro series please contact Fortuna PS UK distributors for Arena details below:


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