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Turkish Warning

Turkish Warning ISIS have published what they describe as a “final warning to Turkey” in a video online.  A Turkish jihadist from Bursa delivered the video message. ISIS had carefully chosen him as Bursa is the old capital of the Ottoman Empire and is a conservative support base for the ruling AKP party. Immediately following…

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Turkish tourist areas at risk

Turkish tourist areas at risk The Turkish government has begun a massive coordinated anti ISIS campaign that included bombing ISIS targets inside Syria, arresting hundreds across Turkey, especially in Istanbul, and blocking pro-ISIS websites on the internet. The Turkish political and military leadership struck back against ISIS in retaliation for the suicide bomb attack in…

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White Rose promoted perimeter security solutions at Intersec 2014

White Rose participated in the Intersec fair which collected recent technology regarding security and protection, at the Dubai International Fair Center between January 19 and 21. Being one of the leading companies of automation sector in Turkey, White Rose promoted hundred percent locally produced rising bollards, garden gate motors, barriers, road blockers, loading jacks and…

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