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Surveon Avatar Failover Ensures Continuous Record Through Collaborative NVRs

Surveon avatar

Surveon Technology, the enterprise NVR solutions provider, today introduced Surveon Avatar Failover catering to any mission-critical projects that require continuously recording for a long time such as banking, casino, airport and commercial building. Distinguished from usual N+M failover mechanisms, once the enabled failover NVR dead, there is no other NVR can take over the recording…

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Surveon Safeguards the Property and Profits for Commercial Buildings


Security has become one of the priorities to be focused on for the operation of commercial buildings because many people come in or go through the buildings every day. IP surveillance solutions are particularly essential for those commercial applications generally used in a wider and more open areas it requires system scalability. Surveon commercial solutions,…

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Surveon Cloud NVR GSe Pro 3008 Series Enhances Enterprise’s Productivity by Providing The Best System Scalability

New product from Surveon

Surveon Technology, the enterprise NVR solutions provider, today announced the GSe Pro 3008 Series is added to the Cloud NVR Solutions. With the growth of data, more and more enterprises face the need to transform their storage infrastructure. The GSe Pro 3008 Series supports SAN, NAS, DAS, NVR and Cloud in one unified storage system,…

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Surveon Raises the Bar on Security for Campus

Surveon Education Solutions

Safety remains a critical concern for schools with violence, burglaries and shooting incidents appearing frequently on the headlines. To capture, alarm, track crimes and create safer learning environments for students and faculties, schools are progressively looking toward integrated and smarter surveillance solutions. Surveon provides education solutions with complete product lines, including high-resolution cameras with extremely low…

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