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How one French racecourse saved security costs


Racecourse managers at the Hippodrome Côte d’Azur faced a familiar dilemma. How to stop duplicatable mechanical keys jeopardising security for employees and visitors? And how to drastically reduce the time they were wasting in getting locks replaced when someone lost their key? The racecourse’s 63-hectare site incorporates tracks used for many equestrian disciplines. Around 30…

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SMARTair software saves management time at a new student residence


Student accommodation is a fast-growing sector. Student numbers across France have grown around 10% in a decade. Around $1bn was invested in France’s purpose-built student accommodation just between 2016 and 2018. Efficient solutions to help manage security for these student properties are always welcome. For new premises in Rennes, France, specialist provider Easy Student sought…

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SMARTair™ cures lost key troubles for a Toulouse retirement home


Care home investment is on the rise, and operators of new and established residences are building premises adapted to deliver 21st-century care. Increasingly, their focus turns to wireless access control — and how it can make everyday life easier and safer for residents, while giving security managers more control over their site.   Toulouse’s Petites…

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