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Sentry360: Working every day towards market leadership

Looking forward to what is likely going to be an exciting few years for the surveillance industry, SecurityNewsDesk recently talked to Thomas Carnevale, the founder and CEO of Sentry360, a company that is moving in the right direction to make the most of these defining years. With success in an ‘anti-Kickstarter’ campaign and the recent appointment of a new Vice President of Sales, there is a real energy around Sentry360’s upcoming product line, AVIDD, and the company as a whole. Having founded Sentry360 out of a basement back in 2004, it is clear that Thomas Carnevale’s dedication to company and product is something that will always fuel this energy. “We’re proud of where we came from, where we are and the future of Sentry360,” he said. “We’re not satisfied with being just another camera vendor. If companies don’t change they end up staying stagnate. Across all Sentry360 departments there is a strong pulse on what we’re doing as a team and the meaning behind our recent and unique approach to introduce AVIDD – the focus on achieving small victories every day is what the entire company is striving for to realise the larger vision.” AVIDD (Aggregated–Video–Intelligent–Decentralised–Data) is Sentry360’s upcoming product-line of HD, Ultra-HD, 180 and 360 degree IP video surveillance cameras. In an industry that is most often not ‘interactive’ in its technology development, Sentry360 went against the grain and launched what has been a very successful ‘anti-Kickstarter’ campaign. Unlike traditional Kickstarter campaigns, the project itself is already funded, and the participating industry professionals’ role is instead to test and examine the first production of the product. “We feel strongly that we are on a journey of discovery in creating this technology,” said Carnevale, “and we wanted to document the trials and errors for everyone to see. It’s a great opportunity to see behind the scenes of product creations and allows users to not only be a voyeur of the process, but also participating by receiving a free product to use and test when it ships.” To date, several hundred people have already submitted applications to take part in the project. Alongside the success of this project, the Sentry360 team have also recently announced the appointment of Ethan Maxon as Vice President of Global Sales. With substantial experience in international business, Ethan joins the team at an important time within the company’s growth and only goes on to prove Sentry360’s dedication to serving their channel partners with quality products and people. “Ethan has vision,” says Carnevale, “is very process-oriented and has been the key element in revenue growth for several organisations in our industry over a significant period of time. In the first week after announcing his new role we received over 100 emails, text messages and phone calls congratulating him/us on this move. His direct influence in revenue growth, reputation of integrity, and exemplary leadership style make him the perfect fit in joining our executive team and leading our sales organization to achieve our goals.” These goals will be pursued in what Carnevale calls a ‘defining time’ for the industry. “If we look at the past 15 years the market has been largely absorbed by the transition from analogue to IP centric systems,” he said, “The answer as a whole has been to add pixels and lower bandwidth with advanced compression, yet the fundamental architecture of the video surveillance system has gone unchanged. We are still connecting unintelligent edge devices to a central management server.” On where Sentry360 stands within this market, he states, “the front 9 of the mission was to increase situational awareness through panoramic vision.” And the back nine? “To enable business intelligence through advanced Video Surveillance as a service.” With these important moves there seems to be a lot for customers and prospective customers to look forward to from Sentry360; not only a “more meaningful competitive advantage” but also an “integrity-based partnership,” says Carnevale. “With our new project registration program, which we will be unveiling soon, channel partners will have ownership over the opportunities they create with Sentry360 technology.” Furthermore, he states, “We are a support-first organisation. We feel strongly that reputation still matters even in 2015, which is a key indicator of who a company is and a variable of where they can go.” With a clear value proposition in three technology categories (Panoramic Cameras, Ultra HD & Open-Platform NVR), as well as the exciting upcoming product line AVIDD, there really are no boundaries as to where Sentry360 could go in the next few years. “We feel we’ve executed a well thought-out evolution and a carefully planned future to increase market share and bring tremendous growth to our channel partners and current/future stakeholders,” said Carnevale. “Our goal is ambitious yet simple - to work every day towards market leadership.” To find out more about Sentry360, click here.

Sentry360: Working every day towards market leadership SecurityNewsDesk talks to founder and CEO of Sentry360, Thomas Carnevale, on the developments in the surveillance industry and the current energy around the Sentry360 brand. Looking forward to what is likely going to be an exciting few years for the surveillance industry, SecurityNewsDesk recently talked to Thomas Carnevale,…

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Sentry360 announces breakthrough NVR device sentryEdge™

Sentry360, one of the fastest growing megapixel surveillance camera developers, is excited to announce their breakthrough series of NVR devices that combine a server and smart network switch in one product – sentryEdge™. SentryEdge™ is an ecosystem-driven appliance that allows for flexible video management software options as well as versatile storage options such as NAS,…

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