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Fotech launches DAS-based security management platform for smarter border surveillance and perimeter intrusion monitoring


In response to increased security threats to private and public assets, critical infrastructure, borders and perimeters increase, Fotech has launched a security management platform that allows for comprehensive monitoring of physical perimeters. Whether protecting against breaches or intrusions, illegal border crossings, terrorist or criminal activity, the platform simplifies the process of identifying and locating threats…

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NTT DATA Corporation chooses Exabeam’s SIEM solution to strengthen its global cyber defence posture


Exabeam has announced that NTT DATA Corporation (NTT DATA) has chosen to secure its global operations using Exabeam’s Security Management Platform (SMP), which provides unlimited data collection, machine learning and analytics for modern cyber threat detection and response. NTT DATA’s internal system is used throughout more than 50 countries and regions, 210 cities and by…

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