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Raytec’s new video reveals secrets of its quality control methods

Raytec reveals quality control secrets

[youtube][/youtube] CCTV lighting specialists, Raytec, have a well established reputation for high quality and extreme durability products that perform to the highest standards all around the world. To celebrate successful installations from the freezing cold of the Arctic circle to the hot deserts of Arabia Raytec have taken the decision to provide an exclusive insight…

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Raytec claims its infra-red CCTV lighting range is better than ever!

Raytec Infra-red range

Raytec’s RAYMAX Infra-Red series of LED lighting has delivered world leading power, flexibility and reliability for over 5 years. Over the past 18 months engineers at Raytec have squeezed over 20% more power from all RAYMAX illuminators as part of our continuous development and improvement programme, to hone the performance from all IR illuminators so…

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Raytec Infra-Red lighting aids new drowning detection system

Raytec IR saves lives

Raytec Infra-Red lighting is playing a crucial role saving lives in a computer-aided drowning detection system from specialist French security integrator Poseidon, described as ‘the lifeguard’s third eye that never blinks’. ‘The Poseidon System’ uses RAYMAX IR technology in conjunction with a network of overhead and underwater cameras, allowing crisp, clear, deep underwater images of…

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Raytec’s Infra-Red LED illuminators help capture license plates in USA

To meet growing demand for effective licence plate recognition (LPR) solutions one leading American installer, Illinois-based Keyth Security, has turned to Raytec and Mobotix to deliver a high performance practical system for their customers. In their latest project, Keyth Security used a combination of Infra-Red LED illuminators from Raytec’s FUSION low voltage range and Mobotix…

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Raytec promotes ‘Tailored Illumination’ at IFSEC 2011

Raytec tailored illumination

Tailored Products Lighting specialists Raytec take a tailored approach at lighting at IFSEC 2011. With over 500 product lines, all designed and manufactured in house, Raytec provide security professionals with the products to deliver the full lighting solution for any site requirement including; lighting for CCTV, lighting for Urban environments such as pathways and car…

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Raytec IR leaves criminals frozen out in Finland

Raytec Finland

Raytec’s RAYMAX Infra-Red LED lighting has been chosen to secure various waste recycling points across Finland and is currently delivering excellent CCTV images in extreme weather conditions such as snow, ice, and freezing winds. The new IR lighting is successfully tackling fly-tipping for leading Finnish waste management company, Ita-Uundenmaan Jatehuolto who control the sites. As part…

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Raytec design IR for the Pelco Esprit

Raytec Pelco Esprit

Raytec have launched RAYMAX ESP, a range of illuminators purpose designed to work in conjunction with the Pelco Esprit, the world’s leading camera positioning system. Allowing the Esprit to achieve high quality night-time images up to 100m in total darkness, the RAYMAX ESP units have been approved by Pelco, who engineered a specific version of…

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