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Port security – maritime cyberattacks


Security News Desk – UK looks at the biggest threats facing port security in today’s society and addresses why there is a vulnerability  The maritime industry is the unquestionable driver of the global economy. Through a vast network of vessels, ports, logistical and administrative infrastructure – some 90% of the world’s goods are moved each year. Like most…

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ACT Docks at Dublin and Cherbourg with Irish Ferries

911 Security Systems have installed door controllers, proximity readers and cards from Access Control Technology (ACT) as part of a marine access control solution with 3,500 users. A unified system is operating internationally across 40 doors, with ferry staff at the ports of Dublin, Republic of Ireland, and Cherbourg, France, using their access control cards…

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SafeGuard Anti-collision system in Australia

Working with Australian based professional engineering company, LogiCamms Ltd; Navtech Radar has implemented its SafeGuard anti-collision system to streamline the process of loading Iron Ore at Pilbara Port, Australia. Located approximately 1,600 km north-west of Perth, Pilbara is a Security Level 1 Port …

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