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With a threat from terrorists and pirates ever-present, are there choppy waters ahead for cruise ship security?

Are terrorists like ISIS and pirates threatening cruise ship security?

With the threat of terrorist groups like ISIS and pirates and the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in every cruise ship, a pertinent question to ask in this uncertain world is just ‘how safe and secure are these vessels?’ Tim Compston, Features Editor at Security News Desk navigates his way around the challenges of cruise ship security.

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SAMI talks tackling Piracy with Security Standards

Much has been made of the fact that Somali pirates hijacked zero vessels in 2013. This headline grabbing statistic makes great reading, however, as with most things the truth is somewhat more complicated. According to the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) progress is undoubtedly being made against Somali based piracy. However, in announcing…

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Reasons to feel buoyant

There are new opportunities for Private Maritime Security in West Africa and beyond, writes Timothy Williams. Only a few years ago Somali piracy was dramatically increasing, leading businesses and politicians to call for an international response in the war against piracy in the region. However since 2011, the combined effort of international naval operations and…

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