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Optelian announces Intuitive Packet Optical Networking

Optelian has unveiled its Intuitive Packet Optical Networking solution to address the exploding demand for packet-based service delivery. By virtualising the underpinning technology and complexity of Layer 0, 1 and 2 infrastructure, Intuitive Packet Optical Networking enables service providers to deploy Ethernet and wavelength services more quickly, accelerating their time to revenue. “Intuitive Packet Optical…

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Optelian announces its now a new industry member of Internet2


Optical networking specialist Optelian announced today that it is a new industry member of Internet2, an advanced networking consortium led by the research and education communities. Optelian’s membership reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to the development of advanced networking solutions for the research and higher education communities. “Optelian is proud to join Internet2, alongside hundreds…

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