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PD Ports supports army logistics exercise at Hartlepool

logistics exercise

The Port of Hartlepool, owned and operated by PD Ports, has recently played host to the British Army’s largest logistics exercise of the year, allowing soldiers to practice their readiness for deployment. Exercise IRON PYTHON 18 ran across a 10-day period seeing scores of Army vehicles taking to the roads in the North of England…

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DroneShield is a provider in British Army Autonomous Warrior 2018

British army

DroneShield has given an ASX announcement with regards to the release of its involvement in British Army Autonomous Warrior 2018. The announcement detailed that DroneShield provides DroneSentinel for drone detection to the British Army Participates in the Autonomous Warrior 2018 exercise and enables the participants to detect hostile drones The British Army has launched a…

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MyDefence successfully integrates Counter UAS sensors in light armoured vehicle


MyDefence Communication announced the successful integration of Counter Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology in vehicle platforms for military forces. The integration of the drone sensors allows military operators to effectively detect and defeat enemy drones used for reconnaissance or as weapon delivery systems. MyDefence has developed advanced, networked radio-frequency (RF) sensors, and has worked closely…

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US DoD Website Hacked by IS

US DoD Website Hacked by IS and personnel data leaked Just after midnight the Global Risk Awareness team intercepted a message from a group calling themselves the Islamic State Hacking Division (ISHD). They described their target as “The US Military” and the leak as “the addresses of 100 US Military personnel”. They claim to have…

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Cutting edge thermal imaging technology at Defexpo 2014

British company, Thermoteknix, are set to demonstrate their cutting edge thermal imaging technology for land, naval and internal security at the Defexpo 2014. Thermoteknix will showcase their ClipIR which creates ground-breaking fused night vision along with the TiCAM® 750 thermal imaging binoculars and the MicroCAMTM 2 range of ultra miniature, lightweight and very low power thermal camera cores at the…

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