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Transport sector employers issued guidance on lone worker protection

Demand for lone worker protection services by the UK’s transport sector is set to increase this year as employees face continued risk from physical violence, armed robbery and verbal threats, research carried out by the newly-launched Lone Worker Section of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has revealed.

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Opinion: Welfare reform and the effect on lone workers

The much-publicised Welfare Reform Bill, which will begin coming into effect in April 2013, will radically alter the benefits system. For Housing Associations and Social Landlords, whose income comes primarily from rent, which in turn is dependent upon Housing Benefit, these changes will mean a total re-evaluation of their procedures in how they support, communicate with and set financial agreements with their customers.

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British Security Industry Association release guide for lone workers

BSIA's Technical Director, Alex Carmichael

With over six million people in the UK working alone or without close or direct supervision, personal safety is of paramount concern. As such, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has published a guide to help lone workers understand their own responsibilities as well as their employer’s obligations, and giving essential advice on usiwng lone…

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