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ISIS threat to Italy raised

ISIS Italy

ISIS threat to Italy raised – Tower of Babel under the surface The leading cyber intelligence company, Global Intelligence Insight has picked up a worrying trend in communications between so called IS supporters in Italy. With the eyes of the world set on the American Presidential elections on one side, and on Aleppo, Mosul and…

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Sinister migrant trafficking across the Mediterranean

Sinister migrant trafficking across the Mediterranean 5 Dimension Consultants based in Dubai have direct access to information from extremist organisations operating across the region. They have provided Security News Desk with information that the Islamic State in Libya is using its stronghold, the port town of Sirte, to launch a new business venture, which is to…

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The lure and the reality of joining the Islamic State

The lure and the reality of joining the Islamic State On 17 February Kadiza Sultana, 16; Shamima Begum, also 16; and Amira Abase, 15 all left the security of their homes in London for the lure of the Islamic State. Philip Ingram asks why? Their journey through Turkey followed the classic route favored by new IS recruits. But…

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