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With a threat from terrorists and pirates ever-present, are there choppy waters ahead for cruise ship security?

Are terrorists like ISIS and pirates threatening cruise ship security?

With the threat of terrorist groups like ISIS and pirates and the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in every cruise ship, a pertinent question to ask in this uncertain world is just ‘how safe and secure are these vessels?’ Tim Compston, Features Editor at Security News Desk navigates his way around the challenges of cruise ship security.

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ISIS threat to Italy raised

ISIS Italy

ISIS threat to Italy raised – Tower of Babel under the surface The leading cyber intelligence company, Global Intelligence Insight has picked up a worrying trend in communications between so called IS supporters in Italy. With the eyes of the world set on the American Presidential elections on one side, and on Aleppo, Mosul and…

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Nice attack, the continuation of a tragedy

Nice attack, the continuation of a tragedy – by Philip Ingram “Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him.” The words of the ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al Adnani before…

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Brexit Security Opinions: Stronger In or Take Control?

Brexit security opinions: Stronger In or Take Control?

The Brexit debate is occupying a huge amount of political and media time and it is difficult to find any real substance between the Vote Remain and Vote Leave camps, I have had some success talking to various very influential people about Brexit but combined with that success there has been real frustration.

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ISIS global threat grows

Examples of incidents in the USA and China serve to remind us that ISIS global threat grows. Amin al-Baoudi, a Syrian-born US citizen accused of smuggling weapons to the Al- Nusra Front, has been prosecuted in the US. According to the prosecution, he planned to train fighters in Syria and smuggle in weapons worth USD…

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ISIS Paris attackers training video?

The question is, is this the training video for the ISIS Paris attackers communications training? In a slick ISIS training video intercepted by Global Risk Awareness, a London based Cyber Intelligence Company; the instructor shows his audience how to setup untraceable Internet communications accounts. However as the video progresses explaining how to setup hidden accounts, the…

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Paris à nouveau – What lessons can we learn?

Paris à nouveau – What lessons can we learn? – An opinion piece by Philip Ingram The term Friday 13th will now forever by synonymous with an evening of deadly attacks on the streets of Paris. Normal Parisians and tourists were sitting in café’s and bars, at a long planned rock concert, enjoying a friendly…

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Paris Again! ISIS wreak revenge

Updated: Paris Again! ISIS wreak revenge For an informed Opinion piece on the horrors of Paris please click HERE As UK and US are slapping each other on the back for having killed Mohammed Emwazi aka Jihadi John last night ISIS have wrestled the initiative back with an ongoing murderous attack in Paris.  The attacks are unlikely to…

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Turkish Warning

Turkish Warning ISIS have published what they describe as a “final warning to Turkey” in a video online.  A Turkish jihadist from Bursa delivered the video message. ISIS had carefully chosen him as Bursa is the old capital of the Ottoman Empire and is a conservative support base for the ruling AKP party. Immediately following…

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