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iOmniscient’s iQ-Nose detects the smell of chemicals

iQ-Nose Hardware supplied by AnalyticsReady Pty Ltd

iOmniscient announces the launch of iQ-Nose, a highly intelligent system capable of detecting the smell of a chemical through its unique composition. iOmniscient’s primary focus has always been on the analysis of video and consequently has been heralded as the international leader in Video Analytics with the patented ability to perform complex detection and identifications…

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iOmniscient wins award for major Oil Pipeline protection project

iOmniscient iQ-Oil & Gas

iOmniscient has just received the PACE Zenith Award in the “Mining, Minerals & Exploration Industries in Australia” category for its implementation of iQ-Oil & Gas for British Petroleum in Azerbaijan. The British Petroleum (BP) pipeline in Azerbaijan is one of the world’s longest oil pipelines and passes through very harsh dessert terrain with extreme environmental…

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