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Genesis wireless PIR detector systems now fully SDK integrated

Genesis wireless PIR detector systems, from UK-based manufacturer Luminite, now have complete SDK integration with leading CCTV manufacturers’ control equipment including Immix, Panasonic, Dedicated Micros, Milestone and HeiTel. Genesis wireless PIRs connect to an IP Masthead receiver from up to 1km away, using RF wireless communications. A Genesis PIR will alert when triggered by site…

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Midwich Security and Dedicated Micros announce distribution partnership

Midwich -Dedicated Micros

Midwich Security to partner with IP CCTV equipment specialists to distribute the next generation of video security – Closed IPTV Midwich Security has announced it has joined with Dedicated Micros in a strategic distribution partnership that will strengthen both companies’ commitment to quality and value-added customer services. Midwich Security, part of the highly-successful Midwich group…

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Day 2 at IFSEC: Tuesday 17 May – How we saw the show

Yesterday’s video got over 1000 page views and 77% of you watched to the end of the 1:38 minutes which is a terrific response rate. We’re glad you like it. For today’s edition, we spoke to a number of people including: Dedicated Micros – Mike Newton Citysync – Steve Townsend Gallagher Group – Sir William…

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