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Defending against a proliferation of cyber crime

Defending against a ‘proliferation of cyber crime’ Craig Richardson, CEO of Wynyard, spoke to Philip Ingram from SecurityNewsDesk recently after Wynyard exhibited at the first INTERRPOL World conference and expo and at Counter Terror Expo in London. So who are Wynyard? “Wynyard are the market leaders in crime fighting software,” said Richardson. “We were only…

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Serious Crime Mega Trends

Serious Crime Mega Trends – The Problems The world is in a period of unprecedented social, political and economic change. This creates new opportunities for growth and prosperity for one of the most entrepreneurial and responsive sectors of the economy – the crime sector. Sustainable competitive advantage is often won by entrepreneurs who find global…

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AccessData Takes a Closer Look at JPMorgan Hack

Bloomberg recently reported that JPMorgan Chase, as well as at least four other financial institutions, have been hacked. While no-one is definitively sure who the attackers are or how they gained access, initial reports hint that they may have been Russian and they possibly exploited a zero-day vulnerability in at least one bank’s website. The Bloomberg…

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