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Camsat launches new wireless transmission system for IP HD cameras

Camsat's CDS-5IP wireless transmission system

CDS-5IP is a wireless transmission system designed to transmit audio / video in the 5GHz frequency band power of 1W (30dbi). The device transmits signals from IP cameras with high resolution (up to 5Mpixels). Built-in dual antenna 5GHz MIMO 2 x 16dBi allows signal transmission as standard to 2km, and the possibility of using fine-tuning…

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Camsat launches new Wireless Telemetric System for high speed cameras


CD04 Wireless Telemetric System designed for control of high speed cameras and DVRs. CD 04 is a professional telemetric module of 500 mW of power, operating within ISM 869MHz frequency band, enables wireless operation of advanced high speed cameras and DVR`s over 6 km distance. It supports a bidirectional telemetric transmission (half duplex) which is required for most high…

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