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Enews – 06/01/2015


  If you cannot see this email, click here. View Site | Contact Editor’s Choice Did North Korea really hack Sony? Kurt Stammberger, Senior Vice President for Norse Corp, told the US CBS Evening News why he believed North Korea was not behind the massive Sony breach, but was instead most likely orchestrated by a…

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SAMI talks tackling Piracy with Security Standards

Much has been made of the fact that Somali pirates hijacked zero vessels in 2013. This headline grabbing statistic makes great reading, however, as with most things the truth is somewhat more complicated. According to the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) progress is undoubtedly being made against Somali based piracy. However, in announcing…

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SecurityNewsDesk investigates piracy in West Africa with Steven Jones, Maritime Director of SAMI – Part 2

We began an investigation into the piracy situation in West Africa with Maritime Director of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI), Steven Jones, last week with Part 1 here. We conclude our discussion with Steven about piracy and the recent Maritime & Coastal Security Africa in Cape Town with the following.
Some of the main challenges facing the effective management of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea outlined at the conference in Cape Town included:

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Oxberry Risk Maritime expands maritime security and anti-piracy services

Oxberry Risk Strategies

Oxberry Risk Maritime believes that identification and management of risk is a vital aspect of modern maritime business. Dynamic growth in an ever expanding market requires dynamic solutions to meet and exceed expectations. Oxberry Risk Maritime is responding to the demands of maritime and shipping sector organisations through the delivery of comprehensive maritime security and…

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