Synology DataStation does what it says on the tin

Synology EDS14

Synology EDS14The Synology® Embedded DataStation EDS14 is a state-of-the-art, palm-sized NAS server. Synology claims that the device combines portability with endurance and allows users to implement Synology’s advanced network storage solutions in a wide range of physical locations. To see if it lives up the hype, the SecurityNewsDesk team got hold of one and put it to the test.

The device allows you to hook up external storage devices including USB flash drives and external drives and convert them into NAS-like disks that utilise the power of Synology’s DSM operating system. Researching where DSM’s position in the market shows it pretty much comes out as the market leader.

It measures a tiny 31mm X 125mm X 125mm, and the exterior is made of high density black plastic with the centre on the top forming an aluminium heatsink. The EDS14 also features one USB 3 port along with a USB 2 port at the rear and an SD card slot at the front. The USB 3 port is rated up to 112MB/sec and 50.5MB/sec read and write speeds respectively, while the SD card slot is a little slower at 78MB/sec and 45MB/sec. There are also two gigabit LAN ports with failover support.

For its size it packs a real capability punch.

Set up posed an initial challenge – but that was because we spent so long searching for the on button. Not having one is possibly the device’s only flaw! However, once over that little hiccough, it was quickly connected to our router and test device and after just typing “” into a web browser and the startup wizard begins. Not only are there no time consuming software downloads to challenge our firewalls, the interface that opened up on-screen was an easy to use desktop-like skin – just like any computer desktop. Simple, straightforward and intuitive.

We couldn’t truly put all aspects of performance through their paces in an office environment, but the EDS14 handled our graphics heavy files and products transfers with ease. In essence, it worked for us.

All in all, it is a well-made, small device that does what it says on the tin – and does it well, with the market leading operating system and reliability the market has come to expect from a Synology product.

Have you tried Synology’s EDS14 yet? Let us know what you think.





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