Synectics unveils T-series DVR for mobile CCTV



Synectics Mobile Systems showcased its latest digital video recorder (DVR) for mobile surveillance applications, the T1600, at Coach & Bus Live 2013.

Developed in-house by Synectics R &D and benefitting from the company’s extensive experience in the bus and coach industry, this latest evolution of the T-series recorder represents the next generation of mobile CCTV technology – built around a solid, reliable core.

The new T1600 is IP-ready – anticipating the transition to digital technology in the bus and coach industry – and comes in a recognisable, compact orange box that integrates all connections, wireless communications, inputs and outputs in one neat piece of hardware.

Designed with transport industry demands in mind, the new recorder features solid state back-up as standard, ensuring crucial evidence is captured even in high-shock and vibration incidents, where mechanical hard drives would go into “self-protection” mode.

The T1600 offers scalable video coding (SVC) capability, allowing the simultaneous recording of alternate streams from the same camera: a low data stream for live CCTV and a higher-quality stream for evidential playback. This also includes a time lapse function that retains the lower quality images for longer to maximise storage.

Higher-quality image capture is made possible by differential video, which eliminates interference without the use of special cable, as well as hybrid IP recording that allows optional HD capture for front-road cameras or other specific areas of interest.

The new recorder will come with 1TB storage on a single disk as standard with an option to extend to a 2TB dual disk, offering high capacity recording and robust disk failover protection. The Synectics File System (SFS) ensures a higher data throughput whilst reducing disk wear and energy use.

Jeff Fail, managing director at Synectics Mobile Systems, said: “Over the last decade, CCTV has become a business-critical technology in the bus and coach industry, with an increasingly important role in protecting passengers and operators against insurance claims/

“We are constantly looking at how we can utilise the latest developments to add greater value for our customers, and more and more are opening up to cutting-edge technology. The T1600 reflects this openness to technological change in the industry. It will help operators manage the transition to IP and future-proof their operations – all in one easy-to-install, feature-packed box at a competitive price.”

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