Synectics Mobile Systems signs surveillance deal with Go-Ahead


International public transport company Go-Ahead has agreed a partnership with Synectics Mobile Systems to enhance surveillance systems and integration across its UK bus operations.


This new three-year contract is anticipated to be worth over £5m, with the potential for it to be extended to 2018.

In addition to the installation, maintenance and support of CCTV systems on Go-Ahead’s fleet of 4,600 buses, a fundamental element of this new strategic partnership will be the development of an integrated software solution.

Synectics Mobile Systems will be using a transport industry version of security management system, Synergy, to integrate Go-Ahead’s on-vehicle CCTV with other critical business systems. This will help to reduce costs, improve efficiency and make surveillance footage easier to access and utilise.

The simplification and improvement of Go-Ahead’s accident and claims management processes will be a key area the new system will support. Footage from the wireless-enabled CCTV systems on-board the vehicles will be stored and controlled centrally through a Synergy-powered control room – making the retrieval of video evidence faster and less labour intensive.

The Go-Ahead Group is one of the UK’s top five bus operators, with a number of subsidiary companies that service nearly two million passengers every day. The contract will provide greater standardisation of CCTV equipment across the fleet, whilst also giving each regional operating company the freedom to tailor the service to meet their specific business needs.

Dave Lynch, Group IT and Procurement Director at Go-Ahead comments: “As a leading provider of surveillance systems to the transport industry, we were keen to partner with Synectics to develop this new integrated approach, which will help us increase the value we derive from on-vehicle CCTV.

“Our partnership with Synectics will drive enhanced uptime and retrieval timescales, and maximise the return on our investment in CCTV. Not only will it help us to ensure we meet industry regulations and improve passenger and driver safety – it will also help in our fight to drive down insurance claims.”

Jeff Fail, Managing Director, Synectics Mobile Systems comments: “This strategically-driven partnership will enable Go-Ahead’s comprehensive CCTV equipment to deliver added business benefits. We’ll be using the latest technology and a specialist security control-hub to streamline the process and integrate CCTV security systems with other business critical processes. We’re looking forward to working with Go-Ahead on this exciting project, over the next three years and beyond.”

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