Synectics and eConnect partner to integrate their gaming platforms

Synectics and eConnect partner to integrate their gaming platforms

Synectics and eConnect partner to integrate their gaming platforms

World class casino operators in the US, Asia and Europe are looking for more efficient ways to manage critical business data and leverage powerful surveillance technology. In response, Synectics and eConnect are working together to develop seamless integration between their respective industry-leading gaming platforms.

Synectics, a global leader in integrated security management systems, and eConnect, a leading supplier of data analytics for loss prevention, are combining their strengths and capabilities to create an integrated video, data analytics and process management solution for their 200+ casino customers.

This follows successful joint deployments of integrated video management and data analysis solutions for large casino resorts in Singapore and Manila this year.

Synectics’ Synergy 3 open command and control software enables video, alarms and other third party transactional data to be monitored, managed, and acted upon from its highly customizable user interface. eConnect’s gaming applications – including POSConnect™, CasinoConnect™ and eCounter™ – apply behavioral, numerical and predictive analytics to casino data, to provide insights on everything from concession footflow and inventory levels, to gaming table/slot trends and employee activity.

Integration between the two widely-used software solutions enables management and security teams to consolidate, monitor and review visual, transactional and analytical data from a single unified interface.

Henry Valentino, CEO and President of eConnect, says:

“Synectics shares our ambition to make data meaningful and manageable – working together on an integrated solution made perfect sense.

“Pairing our specialist technologies, and pooling our collective expertise within the gaming sector, means we have jointly developed an incredibly powerful solution that will help casinos improve security, efficiency and achieve unprecedented levels of awareness.”

The software collaboration helps users improve ‘live action’ awareness by matching notable data events with correlated video for immediate review and response.

The integration works by assigning data sets, for example table game positions, dealer ID, POS register or operator IDs, with correlating surveillance cameras. The operator can then simultaneously view transactions with related live, recorded or archived video footage in either Synergy or eConnect environment.

As John Katnic, Vice President of Global Gaming from Synectics explains, the solution is already benefitting major gaming properties in Asia:

“In a large Singapore-based site, Synergy receives and displays real-time transactions pushed from eConnect’s POS, Baccarat and slot databases. Upon receipt of “alarm-worthy” events, Synergy presents transaction detail, such as a cash refund or slot door opening, with associated live and/or recorded video.

“Optionally, key data events can trigger Synergy to run user-defined ‘workflows’ that guide operators through relevant questions and provide step-by-step instructions to follow for each event type.”

Through the eConnect integration, Synergy enables data and video to be saved and exported as a customized ‘incident’, complete with snapshots, perpetrator details, reviewer notations, etc. for ongoing case file management, prosecution, forensic analysis and reporting.

Importantly, and uniquely for integrations of this type, Synectics has worked closely with eConnect to facilitate a ‘two way data push’.

Katnic continues:

“With one Manila-based client it is Synergy that, on request, pushes live or recorded video to eConnect based on anomalies or findings within their software. In this case up to four discreet Synectics video streams can be displayed at once alongside the transactional data.

“Synergy is the only security and surveillance management system to bidirectionally integrate with eConnect in this way, allowing properties to adopt the integration option that best meets their needs, priorities and budget.”

The integration now possible between Synergy and eConnect also means users are able to filter and cross reference an impressive depth of information. For example, operators can quickly and easily review all games played and won while a particular dealer was at the table. Alternatively the solution may be used to compare transaction averages over a period of time and present live video for any anomalies or unusual trends identified. These analytic tools can deliver significant cost savings by proactively identifying fraud, shrinkage and inefficiencies.

In developing a two-way integration solution, Synectics and eConnect have also answered a critical challenge – linking two typically separate networks – gaming and corporate – without compromising system security.

Katnic concludes:

“With the Synergy/eConnect interface, firewall rules are assigned and implemented with resiliency and failover measures to create a secure bridge that only allows approved data to move along authorized paths and come and go from recognized senders.

“Most casinos mandate a closed surveillance network, separate from the main IT network. It’s a traditional structure established to ring-fence regulated and confidential security data. That need still exists, of course, but the huge commercial benefits achieved by cross correlating data from both the corporate and gaming sides of the business are compelling IT and regulators to implement smarter IP security measures. Working with eConnect on integration means enterprises can now benefit from a best of both worlds solution.”

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