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Swisscom’s newest data centre is the crown jewel among the 24 centres operated across Switzerland and provides the highest standards in terms of performance, availability and security for their customers. Completed at the end of 2014, it is the largest data center of Swisscom and one of the few data centers in Europe certified for maximum availability and top ratings for energy efficiency.

Requiring the highest security systems available in today’s market Swisscom chose TBS’ 3D-Touchless Terminals integrating with a full Access Control System from Securiton. All systems, including IP Video Surveillance, are monitored from the building’s Control Room. The main entry to the building consists of RFID badge scanners followed by full metal detection units as used at customs control. TBS 3D-Terminals are the final step to access the most secure areas within the Swisscom building.

TBS 3D-Touchless Fingerscan provides Swisscom with a unique Swiss made technology proven in countless installations worldwide. The 3D-Touchless reader is the only touchless biometric technology using 3 cameras for the finger scanning process. This ensures No Failure-To-Enroll, avoids sensor damage and is most hygienic.

TBS’ BioAdmin Management Software was integrated into Securiton’s Access Control system ‘SecuriGate’ enabling integration as a biometric subsystem via web services. With this innovative approach, responsibilities between biometrics and the overall security system remain cleary separated.

Acording to Swisscom’s project leader Rudolph Anken, Swisscom is highly satisfied with the new solution.
Switzerland is famous for its unmatched stability and security making it a paragon worldwide. It is TBS’ mission to bring Swiss security standards to the world. TBS offers biometric devices made in Switzerland and complete solutions for a large variety of biometric applications in access control and time & attendance.

TBS 3D-Touchless finger scanning technology is worldwide unique. The three-dimensional and contact-free sensor technology captures the highest possible quantity of fingerprint details, guaranteeing significantly higher security than any other biometric system. Contact-free solutions qualify in particular for higher risk, large user groups or hygienically sensitive applications.

Touchless Biometric Systems has built a strong presence and reference base worldwide.

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