Suspected burglar in London caught on wildlife camera


Outfoxed: didn’t reckon with infrared cameras

A man hopping over a fence into a back garden in the middle of the night – no doubt just to “have a look around” – might be surprised to find himself on YouTube today.

In this video, a man can be seen dropping into the garden which is being watched by an infrared camera which has been set up to capture the antics of a family of foxes.

After checking out the shed, he begins to creep toward the camera and then changes his mind. Under the infrared illumination, his face and attire are as clear as day.

This footage was caught on the Simon King Wildlife Fox Family live cam at 03:45 on Sunday 12th January 2014.

If you recognise this man – please call the police on 020 7232 6142 or email

To watch live streaming web cameras – to see foxes and other prowlers – visit the live streaming video website below.

Simon King Wildlife

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