Surveillance Security Solution from Avigilon 7K Pro Camera

Surveillance Security Solution from Avigilon 7K Pro Camera

Surveillance security solution from Avigilon 7K Pro Camera

Avigilon Corporation recently showcased the security industry’s first single-sensor 7K (30 megapixel) security camera at the ISC West 2016 tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV, USA. The 7K HD Pro camera simultaneously provides maximum scene coverage – while minimising bandwidth and storage consumption – effectively redefining the industry standard for high-resolution imaging. 

At their ISC West 2016 booth, Avigilon’s Regional Sales Directors Tully Rubin and Gary Tyron talked about their 7K Pro Camera and what advancements it brings to surveillance and security.

“We’re showing off the 7K Single-sensor 30 megapixel camera,” said Tully Rubin, Regional Sales Director from Avigilon.

“It gives you the best clarity and detail, HDSM and lowers the bandwidth of the video – giving you the ability to zoom in, get the clarity you’re looking for, but not require the bandwidth that you’d expect to have in a 30 megapixel camera.”

Watch the video below for Tully Rubin and Gary Tyron’s comments on the 7K Pro Camera at ISC West 2016:

“The Avigilon 7K Camera is great in ports, airports, stadiums, and in parking lots. In our deployments at the entrance to ports where we’ve got dozens of trucks an hour coming and going – maybe 10 lanes wide – using our one single camera you can zoom in and read the numbers on the side of the trucks, identifying them from as far as a thousand feet away in some of the cases where we have it installed.” said Gary Tyron, also Regional Director at Avigilon.

“In one of our most recent successes, we mounted eight cameras on a FAA tower: from those eight cameras we could see the planes taking off, landing, parked at the gates, fuelling – it gives pretty much all the situational awareness that you need! You don’t have to worry about a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera that might be looking to the left but something’s happening to the right, you’re recording everything you can zoom in and see amazing details.”

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