Surveillance camera man annoys people to make point about CCTV

Innocent members of the public accosted by Surveillance Camera Man

He calls himself Surveillance Camera Man. He walks up to strangers in the street and starts videoing them without asking permission or even speaking to them. When they object, he says he’s just taking a video.

He never shows himself on camera. Who is this twit?

When challenged he usually says nothing, but sometimes he reveals what he’s up by drawing a comparison between what he’s doing and surveillance cameras. You don’t object to surveillance cameras, so why do you care what I’m doing, he says to his hapless subjects.

My view: Some people will go to any lengths to prove that surveillance is an infringement of liberty, even to the point of infringing other people’s privacy apparently. There is no equivalency between a CCTV surveillance camera and a man holding a video camera less than a metre from your face. Especially when he publishes the results on Youtube for thousands of people to view.

I feel slightly guilty publishing it on, but I want to know: What do you think? Does he have a point? Or is it a ham-fisted anti-CCTV statement?


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