Surveillance camera code of practice consultation set to end March 21

CCTV camerasA Government consultation on a new code of practice to encourage more effective use of CCTV systems is to close on March 21.

The draft code was launched on February 7 and aims to ensure cameras are only used proportionately and focus on fighting crime. Based on a principle of surveillance by consent, the code of practice will give the public power to hold police and local authorities to account through a greater transparency.

Improvements to the effectiveness of CCTV and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras are included under the code. Guidance for police and local authorities to increase image quality would also be provided to boost the chances of catching criminals.

The consultation was launched to seek views on the scope and clarity of the draft code, together with its likely impact, with a deadline set of March 21.

Speaking upon the launch of the code, Lord Taylor of Holbeach, Minister for Criminal Information, said: “Used effectively CCTV and ANPR are crucial tools for cutting crime and protecting the public but for too long we have seen these systems grow and develop without any proper framework or oversight.

“Through this code of practice, and with an independent commissioner, we will ensure that for the first time there is a robust framework in place, one focused on helping the police and local authorities to cut crime, which will ensure CCTV and ANPR are used appropriately.”

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