Superior monitoring efficiency through Intellio IVS2.5

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 11.40.02An increasing number of camera manufacturers are realising that there is more to a high-performance IP video surveillance system than just providing cameras capable of making high-resolution video that are admissible in court.

In order to make the most of the capabilities of the cameras, a supervision system in charge of the entire process of surveillance is needed. Such a system ensures the optimal operation of the cameras, along with redundant recording and sophisticated and highly user-friendly surveillance.

It is these very benefits that the Intellio Video System 2 management software offers you. A number of major new features have been launched in the 2.5 version, such as the replacement of the former hardware key with a software key or the two-channel monitoring option.

Software key

In order for a more flexible registration and to bolster sales IVS2.5 can be ordered with a software key! If opting for a software key, users can activate the key on the web or via email within 15 days. The functions purchased work before activation, as well. Besides, the software also works with the existing hardware key.

Lower resolution secondary monitoring channel for greater performance

One of the peculiarities of the Intellio system is that only one stream is being transmitted to the server, thus consuming less network and server resources. The innovation of IVS2.5 is that the system can handle two live video channels at the same time, which allows for an additional monitoring channel, which is queried from the camera only when required for the optimal displaying of the camera images. This offers the benefit of further reducing the load on the client by virtue of extracting images transmitted through the low resolution secondary channel, while ensuring the simultaneous display of multiple cameras without a loss in the resolution and quality of the stored images. The split image view of the software allows for the simultaneous displaying of the video of even a 60 full HD camera (on two monitors).

Optimising the H.264 codec

IVS2.5 is capable of processing 270 full HD (1920×1080 pixel) resolution images per second, in contrast to the 150 images/second capability of its predecessor. This translates into an 80% performance increase!

Russian language support

As a result of last year’s dynamic expansion, Intellio’s system software supports the languages of Intellio’s chief target countries, e.g. Italian, Romanian, Serbian, with the 2.5 version adding Russian to the menu.

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