Superior CCTV surveillance at Gan International Airport

Gan Airport Lounge

Gan Airport Lounge

AMG has completed a CCTV surveillance project with Addu International Airport Pvt Ltd. for Gan International Airport in the Republic of Maldives. The new application uses PanoCam360 cameras on an Ethernet transmission platform to ensure complete surveillance, with no blind spots, in the executive terminal lounge areas.

Leona Hayes, business development manager for overseas markets at AMG Group, said: “AMG Systems has worked with Gan International Airport for more than 8 years.  Being early adopters of CCTV surveillance technology , the Authorities decided to take the step into the IP age some time ago, and implemented  AMG’s Ethernet technology as the backbone transmission structure.

“The IP based solution for Gan Airport uses AMG-Panogenic’s sophisticated PanoCam360 cameras. PanoCam360 is a 5MP network camera, providing up to fourteen simultaneous electronic-Pan-Tilt-Zoom (ePTZ) and panoramic video streams which may be recorded or viewed live.

“Multiple ePTZ allows each user to control the camera as if it was their own unique PTZ without interference to the other users. De-Warping is provided within the camera, which reduces the load on the Network Video Recorder (NVR) system.  It is possible to simultaneously view the camera from up to eight different locations using our multiple-dewarped streams generated directly from the camera.  The PTZ streams can be pre-positioned to point North, South, East and West, for example, or controlled like multiple PTZ dome cameras.  The camera then becomes a direct replacement for 4 standard definition fixed cameras.

Leona Hayes of AMG Systems

Leona Hayes of AMG Systems

“Our dewarping SDK provides electronic PTZ during user playback on the VMS system.     Images can be viewed from a standard web browser (IE, Chrome, FireFox etc.) so no additional software is required. Another key feature is that the camera has absolutely no moving parts, so no wear and tear, which greatly reduces the maintenance costs.”

Abdul Mujahid, senior technician also acting as head of technical services, from Addu International Airport Pvt Ltd.  – who owns and manage Gan International Airport – added: “We have recently adopted a proactive approach to more intelligent surveillance solutions. This has driven a demand for the application of 360 degree IP camera products. At Gan Airport, we wanted a cutting edge solution, and PanoCam360 delivers all the features and functionality we need. We’re currently integrating the cameras with a Wavestore recording solution.”

Chris Williams, director of Wavestore  commented that the project at Gan Airport is a textbook example of how the integration of  PanoCam360 technology and Wavestore’s video recording and management software can  help end-users  achieve maximum benefit from a video surveillance solution.

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