Successful Test for Matador surface mounted automatic bollard system

Just over three years ago, Heald revolutionised perimeter security by introducing the world’s only surface mounted automatic bollard system, the HT1-Matador. Earlier this week, we raised the bar again. 

Like the original model, our new HT2-Matador 3 offers surface mounted automated security. It was tested with a 7.2 tonne vehicle travelling at 64 kph, with the impact resulting in zero penetration past the bollards. What’s more, the Matador remained fully operational following the test, with no repairs whatsoever needed. This ensures that the updated Matador offers uninterrupted site protection for peace of mind. 

The new Matador can be specified to work in a variety of ways; using either electro-hydraulic, electro-mechanical or even manual operation. It can also be supplied with an EFO (Emergency Fast Operation) feature, which enables the moving bollard to close in around 1.5 seconds in emergency circumstances. It also features a special locking pin to secure the central bollard in the locked position, ensuring that it cannot be moved or pushed open. 

As with previous models of Matador, the new Matador can either be surface mounted, causing no permanent damage or it can be installed flush with the road with a depth of only 115 mm. This makes it ideal for short term or temporary installations as well as permanent ones. To ensure integration with any architecture, the Matador is available with a range of stylish stainless steel covers. 

For more information on the Matador range, you can contact our friendly, knowledgeable sales team either via email or by calling 01964 535858.

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