Stopping the rural oil thieves in their tracks – with iwitness and Fuel-Guard


Securi-Guard's iwitness system

Securi-Guard’s iwitness system

Securi-Guard Fire and Security, the South West’s largest independent supplier of fireand security solutions is leading the fight against rural oil thieves with two of the leading security systems on the market.

With more than 30 years of experience, the Plymouth – based company is helping to combat this growing crime using its new iwitness wireless enhanced detection system and Fuel-Guard, a sensor alarm system fitted to the oil tank.

With isolated properties and farms across Devon and Cornwall at risk from the thieves, both systems are a comprehensive and cost effective way of protecting oil and fuel supplies, as well as capturing offenders in the act.

Police are regularly advising that storage facilities for heating oil are properly protected and both iwitness and Fuel-Guard offer the perfect solution.

  • iwitness is a wireless CCTV system combining sensors and video to catch intruders in the act, monitored round the clock by Securi-Guard.
  • the Fuel-Guard system stops thieves in their tracks by detecting if the cap on a tank is tampered with, or the oil level drops faster than it should.

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