Stop criminals ‘in a few seconds’ at the perimeter, advises Orchard Fencing

PulseSecure electrified perimeter
PulseSecure electrified perimeter

PulseSecure electrified perimeter

The success or failure of a criminal attack on your site will probably be decided within a few seconds, at the perimeter, says Chris Rust, MD of Orchard Fencing.

With modern attack methods and the availability of portable power tools, it’s much harder these days to create an impenetrable barrier. But security planners have new tools too – so with the right approach, and a mix of robust fencing materials with electronic systems, criminals can be defeated.

Orchard Fencing, which fits perimeter security solutions across the south and south-west of England, works closely with leading security consultants and says it’s important to take an integrated, intelligent approach to perimeter protection and to consider the full range of security tools now available.

“If you do the right things, you will win”

“Whatever other security measures you have in place, however much or little you spend, the battle between you and the attacker begins at the perimeter. That is probably where you will win or lose it. If you do the right things, you will win,” says Chris Rust.

In the world of security planning, deciding exactly what is ‘the right thing’ is a science in itself – otherwise known as risk assessment –and you can go into a lot of detail. But it usually boils down to the same basics: what you are protecting on the site; how determined are the criminals likely to be; and how important is it to keep them out?”

Chris Rust advises any organisation worried about criminal attacks to go back to perimeter protection basics, and focus on three key areas: deterring, obstructing and detecting criminals.

“A good deterrent strategy will put off most opportunists and casual criminals – they look at your perimeter fence and see that it is decent quality, neat and well maintained, and hard to get past. So they go elsewhere and you’ve won the battle.”

This is an important consideration common to all sites – a smart looking, well-maintained fence sends an important message: ‘these premises are well cared for’.  Whether you need a completely new fence, an upgrade, or repair and maintenance, Orchard will help you create the right impression.

Higher risk sites and local businesses

But for higher risk sites – storage yards and local businesses, for example, where attractive goods and materials may be kept – the criminals will not give up so easily. It’s not unusual for premises like these to suffer from repeated attacks.

“In this case you need to do more to obstruct them and make life difficult. We recommend higher-grade fencing materials that are harder to break through by either forcing or cutting. There are some very strong products on the market that have been government tested and will resist hammer blows and grinders, for example. Of course they won’t keep single-minded attackers out forever, but they will frustrate them for a quite a while.

“There are some intruders who will be put off by this. If their initial attempts to break through a fence fail, they will give up. But often, if a criminal is serious enough come armed with tools, then they’ll probably keep going until they get through.”

Which is why Chris’ company recommends ‘detection’ as the third element of the perimeter security mix.

Latest detection technologies

“If you can reliably detect all attempts to break through or climb over your perimeter, then you can arrange for an appropriate response – remembering that the only way the attackers win is if they get onto your site for long enough to commit their intended crime.”

Orchard Fencing works with a number of technologies but particularly recommends the perimeter intruder detection solutions made in Coventry by Harper Chalice. These include electric fences (PulseSecure) and acoustic-cable detection systems (FenceSecure).

“The electric security fences are a very neat answer because they can be retro-fitted to existing fences, gates and other structures, and they really act as a deterrent – PulseSecure hurts if you touch it and most people don’t want to try.”

The system provides very reliable detection too.  If anyone does start forcing their way through or attacking the wires, then the in-built alarm feature will send a signal warning of the attack.

“Criminals can be clever and determined, but they are also predictable,” says Chris Rust, MD of Orchard Fencing.  If you want to defeat them, upgrading your site boundary is the most important step to take.”

Orchard Fencing works with leading security consultants and are experts in designing and installing the latest perimeter security systems.

“We specialise in improving site boundaries to create a truly effective ‘first line of defence’ – one that keeps criminals out and looks good,” adds Chris Rust.

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