STEMMER IMAGING to distribute Microbus’s Rapier ANPR camera range in Europe

Microbus’s Rapier ANPR camera
Microbus’s Rapier ANPR camera

Microbus’s Rapier ANPR camera

STEMMER IMAGING and Microbus AV Ltd (Microbus) have signed an agreement that allows for STEMMER IMAGING to distribute the Rapier range of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras from Microbus throughout Europe whilst providing Microbus access to STEMMER IMAGING megapixel camera modules for use in their new Rapier HD product line. STEMMER IMAGING is Europe’s largest independent supplier of vision technology and services to OEM, system Integrators and reseller markets and Microbus is a leading supplier of cameras for ANPR and evidential video surveillance.

Mark Williamson, Director – Corporate Market Development at STEMMER IMAGING, said: “This provides excellent synergy for both companies. The Intelligent Transport market has been a growing sector for STEMMER IMAGING for several years and we are delighted to be able to add the ANPR camera range to our portfolio of ITS products, which also includes our own vehicle classification engine”.

“As a core technology provider, Microbus gains significant benefits as well”, he continued. “With our expert knowledge in high resolution, high speed imaging we are well placed to partner with Microbus in integrating the latest machine vision technology into their new Rapier HD camera range.  This camera technology and our extensive expertise in camera interfacing and image data transmission standards will now be an additional resource available to Microbus’ customers and partners”.

The Rapier range of cameras from Microbus is available for fixed and mobile applications. High quality cameras, innovative InfraRed (IR) pulsed LED design and multiprocessor-control circuitry are housed in rugged, custom-designed housings. Ideally suited to both day and night usage, the IR illumination and integrated optics produce clear licence plate images and remove headlight glare. Rapier’s control protocol allows every parameter to be set, preset, recalled and adjusted remotely.

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STEMMER IMAGING is Europe’s largest independent supplier of vision technology and services to industrial and scientific OEMs, system Integrators and reseller markets. Headquartered in Germany with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland, STEMMER IMAGING can supply thousands of imaging products from the world’s leading manufacturers and is also the developer of the renowned image processing software platform, Common Vision Blox. Working in close partnerships with many system integrators and with more than 30 years of imaging experience, STEMMER IMAGING can provide the technical expertise necessary for the planning, integration and realisation of complete imaging solutions. Feasibility studies, training and direct customer support are just part of the added value that comes from working with STEMMER IMAGING.

About Microbus
Microbus AV Ltd is part of the Microbus Group, a UK manufacturing company that has been supplying technology systems for over 25 years. The company’s high performance vehicle computer technology has been adopted by over 80% of the UK Police Service and is widely used globally. The Microbus Rapier camera range builds the company’s computing heritage as a trusted provider of high quality, leading edge products to the professional market and are deployed through integration partners in some of the most challenging environments for mobile and fixed camera applications. These include Car Park Management, Traffic Management, Bus Lane Enforcement, Barrier Access Control, Free Flow Tolling, Journey Time Analysis (JTA), and high security access control.

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