St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton trusts Panomera MFS from Dallmeier

St. Mary's Stadium

St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, England decided to use Panomera® multifocal sensor technology from Dallmeier when modernising its CCTV system.

Since 2001, St. Mary’s Stadium has served as the home venue for Southampton FC, nicknamed “The Saints” by the team’s fans. The stadium can hold more than 32,000 spectators – this makes it the largest football stadium in the South of England outside of London.

A video surveillance system has been in place in the stadium for many years, monitoring the spectator terraces, the club shop, entrances and car parks – and now it was time to update the system with state of the art equipment. “Previously, we had used analogue cameras, and now we wanted to change to HD technology, to improve image quality, particularly for monitoring the terraces. The stadium is sold out regularly, and with the new video system we can offer our visitors even greater safety”, says Mark Hannibal, Venue Safety Manager.

MFS technology to safeguard the visiting fan area
The safety officers decided to place their faith in the Panomera® MFS technology from Dallmeier for their monitoring needs, particularly for safeguarding the visiting fans area in the north terrace, called the “Northam Stand”. “We had heard about this new technology at a conference held by the Football Safety Officers Association, and we then talked to Everton FC, who were already using the new camera technology in their Goodison Park Stadium”, Mark Hannibal continues.

With a new, patented sensor concept, MFS technology makes it possible to keep the entire northern stand in view at one time. Even when the security operators are currently zoomed in on a suspicious individual, unlike with conventional PTZ cameras the system continues recording the rest of the scene. This then ensures that no incident is unseen and can be investigated in the highest possible resolution at any time afterwards as well.

The safety officers were finally convinced of the MFS technology’s capabilities with a test installation at a Southampton FC match. More than that: St. Mary’s Stadium decided to implement not only the Panomera® but in fact an entire installation by Dallmeier: As a result, recording and management of the video system are now also assured with Dallmeier equipment.

Flexible recording
“We have several IP appliances in operation for recording the Panomera® systems, and also other DMX appliances that are capable of recording both analogue and IP cameras”, says Steve Hodges, Sales Manager and responsible Project Manager with Dallmeier UK. The outstanding features of the Dallmeier appliances are their supreme reliability, and RAID 6 ensures the highest possible availability of the data.

“The Panomera® systems have already made an outstanding contribution to the quality of safety inside the stadium. Dallmeier’s professional assistance at every stage has allowed Stage 1 implementation to reach operational standard very quickly”, says Mark Hannibal with satisfaction. “Cooperation was good, and this was also a crucial factor in our decision to take the second step without delay. Specifically, we want to migrate our existing analogue cameras to HD cameras. Because we are using the hybrid DMX appliances, we can proceed to this step without any difficulties, we will not have to purchase any new hardware or licences.”

For the management of the system, the safety officers have several SeMSy® workstations at their disposal, so the police and security managers can access the camera images.

Plug & Play
The entire system including the workstations was already preconfigured by Dallmeier prior to shipping, so when it arrived at the installation site, it really was a case of “Plug & Play”. The equipment was installed by the Caldera Fire & Security company, which had worked previously as the installer for St. Mary’s Stadium. After commissioning, both Caldera and the stadium security operators received thorough training from Dallmeier. And Dallmeier was represented in the control room for the first actual live operation. “Our deadlines were quite tight, because not only did we have to convert the control room, we also had to install the entire system in the off-season. Thanks to good cooperation between everyone involved, and with the support from Dallmeier, everything went without a hitch”“, says Darren Lea, Managing Director of Caldera.

St. Mary’s Stadium is happy with its choice. “The clarity of the images has dramatically improved the view of all supporters, we have already marked up our first successes with it. Several offenders have made admissions of guilt very quickly after being confronted with the excellent imaging material”, says Mark Hannibal.


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